About Us

Who is DataVerify?

We are a national company based in St. Louis with offices all through the United States. Our family of companies was founded in 1948 and continues to evolve with the ever-changing mortgage industry.

Our mission is to launch the mortgage industry into the future by harnessing advanced analytics and technology to create automated and flexible solutions that enable lenders to make precise and consistent mission-critical decisions.


Why use DataVerify?

DataVerify offers a single-source platform for workflow automation, data verification, fraud prevention, and compliance assistance. With clients that include top lenders and government agencies, we make it a goal to help you streamline your workflow.


Improve loan performance and reduce and/or eliminate loan repurchases


Reduce costs by improving workflow and optimizing process improvement


Incorporate your preferred vendors in our vendor-neutral platform


Streamline your workflow process by incorporating multiple tasks into our
state-of-the-art system


Deliver an audit and tracking mechanism to aid your efforts in complying with underwriting guidelines and Government Sponsored Enterprise requirements